Which Way? Tuesday

Not long after the last trolley had run, the ole man took the kid into a side room and said, “If you wanna have any individual depth as a person, you gotta first establish a willful shallowness.”


Time devours all consequences –
but NOT their parents.


Right up ‘til the very, bloody end
most good tyrants won’t admit
that ANY thing’s wrong.


In an attempt to help persuade its inhabitants that generic ideas are not necessarily inoperative, this one reality took as its Spring Slogan, “You’ve Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best.”  (Jane’s Registry Of Cliches has been thus far unable to establish with any certainty what, if anything, has been proved.)


One fellow who
“Didn’t know which way to go”
didn’t let this stop him. 
(Neither did everyone who
knew him, and didn’t.)


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