Leave the Motor Running

Even without any technical equipment, there are several ways you can always check the presence and vitality of the current:  One is to write gloomy odes; another is not.


(But if you leave,
leave the motor running.)


One guy’s unyielding principle was, “Have a Back-Up!”  (Except when he was in other realities and it was, “HAVE No Back-Up!”)


This one kindly ole man, (I’m not all that sure he was actually kindly, but his mama asked if I wouldn’t call him that if I ever used him in a News Item, so here goes), told his kid, “Youngster, the demands of the Secondary world can ‘take your breath away.’”  And his son be-thought to his young self, “As always, dear Dad, I appreciate the advice, but, me thinks it may be a bit late since I’ve already been suspecting that the Secondary domain can take you EVERY thing away.”


I have it on pretty good authority, that this one god made up everything he told his people.  (This may sound interesting, even revealing, until you think about it for a moment.)


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