Words Don’t Fail Me Now!

There’s this one man who’s developed a set of exercises which, when faithfully done, benefit no part of the body.  (It’s said he’s in line for a high City appointment.)


The overture consisted of the orchestra playing, “Words Will Not, Words Shall Not, Words Cannot Fail Us Now.”  Then the speaker delivered the horripilating homily, “Ephemeral connections are better than no ephemerals at all.”


A chap hiding behind some boxes, says he wants to call his own attempted neural rebellion, “Looking At Things Weird.”  And his partner up and asked, “You mean looking at things that are weird, or looking at things in a weird way?”  The guy replied, “You’ve damn near got it.”


The fearful are all related.


After pondering the matter a bit, one of the rebels thought, “Not ONLY is it nobody else’s business ‘how I’m doing,’  hell – it’s just barely mine!”


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