The Ingredients

Just as the light was bracing itself to turn green, a fellow in the crowd said that even though it was not required by the FDA or the FCC,  he thought that some of our readers would benefit if, after each program, we would clearly list, in descending order of frequency used, a list of ingredients.


And from City park come these fine words from one of the speakers, who calls himself, “The Down Home Philosopher,” says he, “A man that don’t want nothing, may be in for a pleasant surprise.”


When the swelling waves of oceanic depression threatened to swamp his little limbic craft, this one ole salt would sing, “Oh get out the oars, I’m in the thores.”  (I believe the old boy meant “throes,” but I can’t be personally responsible for the grammatical mistakes of everyone who appears in these News items and besides, “throes” doesn’t rhyme with “oars.”)


One kid told his more kiddlier sibling, “The way I see it is that the only possible reason to forgo a pleasure is to let it age.”


The central solicitation and prayer of this one philosophical cult was “Oh great gods – free us all by taking from us all of our physical possessions, but do so in a way in which we won’t notice it.”



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