Planetary Conditions

This one Earth guy used to write down all of his “best thoughts”…(especially after he discovered the brevity of their active shelf-life.)


One ole man’s “grab-it-while-you-run,” advice to the kid was, “Every time you thing you ‘want to grow up’, turn the other cheek,”


One guy’s favorite song was, “If My Friends Could See Me Now!”; his second most favorite was entitled, “I Wish I Had Some Friends.”


The conditions on this planet
are such that you’re required.


On those dispiriting days when he needed to flex his literary wit, and exercise his biceptual sarcasm, this one chap would slip into his library, take out the Handyman’s Household Guide To Poetry, turn to Lord Tennyson, point to a page and exclaim, “Yeah! – and I’M the Duck Of Duckworth!”


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