Roof Squirrels

In near total disregard of science
this one chap insists,
“Molecules don’t need love.”


One squirrel called together all his comrades and said, “Don’t you realize that if we all worked together with a unity of purpose we could easily overthrow the king?”  And one of his buds replied, “Sure, and so does the king – that’s WHY he’s the king.”  (The kids might be interested to know there’s a brand of bushy-tails known as Roof Squirrels.)


There is one truly civilized City whose only street signs say, “Don’t Go Faster Than You Should.”  (It’s rumored they hope to “somehow” apply this to thinking – somehow!)


His mornings are “made,” says this one chap, by first thing standing at the bathroom mirror while shaving, brushing and combing, and softly singing, “Since You’ve Been Gone.”


Amidst all the finery
of his fastidiousness
this other guy posits,
“You can’t be both
exact AND precise.”

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