Claims to Fame

Over in City life
it seems the older one gets,
the more one’s claims-to-fame
are confined to one’s failures.


And now for today’s addition to our continuing feature series of, “Believe It Or Eat A Turnip”:
On an unidentifiable sort of tree, just outside one rather unstable seeming City, were found these bark-carved words, “Humor the hunter – Man the game.”


“The beauty of habit,” exclaimed one guy, “Is that it’s self-explanatory.”  (Later that day, that same guy’s other half gave this version:  “The real beauty of habit is that its beauty IS its self-explanation.”)


I received an overnight fax from a gentleman who says he saw and refers to our previous television program, whereon I read a note from a viewer who claimed that all of this is an intellectual conspiracy of such magnitude that I may have even made up his letter of accusation.  Well, today’s correspondent, (I suppose in an attempt to expand the scope of suspicion), says HE wouldn’t be surprised if, in fact, I hadn’t made my SELF up.


And now for some electrical logic
your mama never told you about:
The more facts you know,
the bigger smart ass you can be.
The fewer facts you know,
the more smart asses you can whup.


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