Traveling Thursday

Down by the riverside, three guys were strolling along spittin’, kickin’ and jawin’, and the first one said, “Sometimes seriousness IS the proper response.”  (Second guy):  Hey, sometimes seriousness is the only POSSIBLE response.”  (And the third character says):  “Hey – don’t forget death.”  (Strollin’, spittin’, and kickin’.)


Over in the City Terminal I heard the following: “Announcement travelers, announcement:  Many who are dumb do not realize it, and it is sometimes of no consequence…I’m sorry, I mis-read that, it should say, ‘It is never of any consequence’ – wait, I’ve just been handed another announcement, it says, ‘Do not bother to read the first one.’  Goodbye travelers, adios and goodbye.”


If you can’t be offended
you can’t be civilized.


This one guy sprang for the kit, and jacked his truck up another three feet off the frame so’s he could think better.  “Don’t laugh,” he says, “I’ve tried everything else.”


Everyone’s sub-conscious has a name…(I’ll give you a hint; the second letter in the name is “four.”)


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