An Astounding Wedneday

It would be indeed,
only a god who could say,
“My chagrin-ness
had no end-ness.”


Ersatz Important Announcement
In A Verbal Sidebar:
The man who invented crotch shellac
NOW says that those who “Live by it,
should die by it.”


Another ole sore-head declared, “The way to get maximum fun for your bucks, is not to admit you’re having any,” and City minds found this “revelation” to be astounding…(at least the most astounding idea that arose between two fifteen and two fifteen and a half that Wednesday afternoon.)


A regular reader writes to say that he’s come to the place where he sometimes thinks that what I’m saying is insane, or else what he’s HEARING is…(but in either case, he’d like to order another set of knives for his mother.)


Whenever he happened to notice some of his creatures trying to “think about him,” this one god would say to himself, “How cute.”


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