Secretly Savage Saturday

On some days,
being a Revolutionist
is being secretly savage.


Then there’s this one god that nobody wants to talk about any more; they can’t seem to stop, but still, they don’t want to.


From one City hospital, comes the word that, “There is no association between exercise and health.”  And from the university comes the claim that, “No correlation exists between education and success.”  And from an obscure, but frightening little journal, comes the revelation that, operationally, “Little is connected to anything else of any importance.”


One guy stuck his finger
in his brain,
and now says
he can’t get it out.


One day the King Of The Trees thought, “What I should do is somehow make the squirrels believe that they’re a part of our greater, stationary domain, and thus bring them under my control.”  And a bushy-tailed Brutus injected, “Your problem, Your Grace, is that you still think this is all a fuckin’ fable.”



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