Leaving Home

A gentleman who says he’s been reading the Daily News for some time now, writes in to say that he believes there IS no “metaphorical” significance behind my numerous stories of so-called “kings, and gods, and states and cities with all their various peoples and institutions,” which is why I sometimes make reference to same possibility.  (He does, however, “P.S. us” to compliment me on my ability to make it SEEM so.)


One fellow who had earlier boasted of having, “lived through the Dark Ages,” is now being accused by some of having caused them.


If you reach the place
where anything in the human world
can make you smile
you’ve finally left home.


I had popped into a neighborhood library to use their facilities, and a man in the stall – I mean, table –  muttered, “Harried hormones have caused more bad poetry than all the writing courses ever taught at all the junior colleges.”


The attempt to defend
one’s present knowledge
is akin to the construction
of a second rate Maginot Line.


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