Sirius in Summer

Whenever he was out of town on a visit, a certain gentleman would pop into shops and ask for, “A can of your local nature.”


Today’s Refractory Forecast:

Never mind
Sirius in the summer time
and fog in the fall,
proceeding the sun each morning
is the arising of facts.


A member of the opposition party counseled his ward thusly, “The true danger of a firing squad is that it has an appetite and no stomach.”


Those who say that the last act may finally reveal what the playwright meant, might want to try and cash their tickets back in now, or maybe take a course at the John Wilkes Booth School Of Criticism And Lowered Expectations.


In secondary affairs
the cost of the meal
always affects the taste.


In his passionate, giddy desire to put the top back on his ball point pen as quickly as possible, this one philosopher broke his thumb, put out his eye, and pulled a groin muscle; he was later able to explain away this questionable episode, but then again he and his kin can explain away EVERY body’s episode.


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