Weekend Edition

Never –
take your own advice.


In the late afternoon, as the sun and their I.Q.’s were going down, the kid said, “Pops, somehow it just don’t seem right to be thinkin’ about things other people’s already thought about.”  (And since this was the last item of the day, the ole man let it pass without comment.)


All of a man’s secondary tomorrows
are based on the expectation
that no today is ever completed.


Acts can kill, but
only facts murder.


“Hey boys and girls – wanna play some pretend again?  Yeeaaa!…Well okay, then you might as well face it – words don’t exist – Yeaaa!”


And a final note from a man who says he believes all this stuff is just preparation for me to ultimately wage a war against hormones:  “Sir, I’m not ABOUT to respond to THAT.”


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