The Real Prize

The real prize Life has to
offer is NOT subsequent
to some contest.

(That’s why it’s so
popular and well known.)


This one kid, damn near old enough to think, thought this, “It’s certainly a part of City ways to wanna be liked, especially when one speaks out…do you think this might have any effect on what people say?”


Just to “teach him a lesson”
this one chap forbade himself
to say anything he, himself,
didn’t understand.


A loud, authoritative-sounding voice declared, “What history and fame do not reveal – they conceal.”  (And a minor footnote on one world said, So THAT’S IT!”)


There was this man I’ve never told you about, who said he had a name so offensive his mama called him, that someone would take a shot at him…well, let me level with you; it was not so much that his name itself was disgusting, but more like what it made people think about when they heard it…okay, let me just tell you what it was and you can figure it all out for yourself, his name was “Words.”  (Say, come on now don’t YOU take offense.)



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