Faux Wednesday

In his continuing attempt to be more equitable, if not amusing, this one king announced that henceforth the taxes of the kingdom would be borne by those who “call upon the gods,” and as soon as they heard about this, the deities called for an appointment to see His Grace.


A real enemy never sleeps.


At one level, Life is so excruciatingly – “I’m sorry, did you say – exasperatingly?” –  simple that it had to make men start talking about it so as to “complex-it-up,” and make it seem more captious and interesting.


(A tree carved rhyme
on the outskirts of one City):

“He has not loved
who has not loved the love
that comes first sight;
he has not thought
who has not thought that thought
that was first right.” 

(I believe this has something to do
with the ultimate futility of a
second chance…of course not being
from around here, I could be wrong.)


In an ultimate attempt
to assist the kid
one ole man
committed faux.


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