Wednesday Thoughts

In the midst of an otherwise
inexplicable fit,
this one guy suddenly
looked around.


A certain king, whilst sitting around with some of his Prime (and Budget-Cut) Ministers, discussing the growing sophistication of his domain, looked off out the window, (absent-mindedly peeling the label from his long neck), and said, “I think that those who want to ‘present the news’ should be required to make the news.”


Dance Tip from the Stratospheric Ballroom: “On every date, someone’s late.”  (On a ballroom wall some synaptic wag wrote, “If you’re big and burly, you can come early.”…the Poetry Police quickly had this forcibly removed.)


After a vigorous panel discussion regarding the topic of, “Nurture vs Nature,” vis a vis human development,  one of the psychological conferees turned to me and said, “Insofar as the question of whether man’s inner chemistry has any effect on his personality and behavior, I say – ‘Maybe yes, and maybe no.’”  And ,  being temporarily bereft of reasonable restraint, replied “You’re correct – TWICE.”


There is a heretofore undiscovered
mathematical relationship between
the number of thoughts possible,
and the number of thoughts thought.


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