Do Better Tuesday

One man you never hear of any more (if indeed you ever did), constructed a whole working philosophy on one word.


In his almost super human
desire to do better,
this one guy did.


Another viewer writes seeking our advice concerning a notice he received in the mail; he sent it along, and I will read it for your consideration, (in its entirety it says): “Your – yes, ‘your’ in the specific individual sense – your time zone has been cancelled.”


In a confessional moment, a guy said, “Yeah, well I’ll admit that I do have some naughty thoughts,” and an out of town voice visiting his brain injected, “Why not be precise; if you have any thoughts, at least half of them are going to be naughty.”  (The guy asked the transient observer if He’d like to “do lunch” later.)


I regret to inform you that the item originally planned for this spot in The News, cannot be presented this morning:  it was going to be a report on a certain round robin discussion, but one which was unexpectedly broken up by some blue jay demonstrators.


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