Monday Blame Game

Then there’s this one guy
who tries to blame it all
on Life.


(One guy’s “Guy Permit”
is said to be under
serious review
by the Authorities.)


So as to bypass those uncomfortable, middle stages of routine history, this one state just forthwith condemned EVERYbody’s property, and EVERYbody’s ideas, and then theyPAR-TEED.


Act One:
Whatever is thought
is a fait accompli

(Act Two:  “Pa Pa, what does ‘somewhere’ mean?”  “Good question, my boy; just picture what you THINK ‘somewhere’ means and take it somewhere else.”)…Due to the specious conclusiveness of some numbers there will be no Act Three.


“Hey.” said the oldest of the Hey Brothers, “What’s the use in being young if you don’t have a ‘fuck-all-that’ attitude.”  “Hey, yeah,” cried another of the brothers, “And what’s the sense in growing up if you’re just gonna lose it.”  (And they gave a concluding unison – “Hey!”)


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