Burn the Week Wednesday

The “fires that light men’s souls,”
also drive your turbines.


At their bi-annual get-together, (after some business meeting or other), the gods were having a few and just generally playing a little verbal “grab ass,” when one of them Mooed and declared, “Progress that don’t go anywhere ain’t much progress at all.”  (Which gave the rest of them their biggest laugh of the week.)


On this one planet,
they’d burn each week
once they were through with it.


Have no fear,
You can’t go wrong:

When in the City
and in doubt –
Act enthusiastic.


Over in this one place,  a guy began to talk about stuff the people had never thought of before, a lot of them came to listen and found it interesting; soon a lot of them said they weren’t coming back unless he told them what the point was.


Out on that vast chemical plain,
where lightning forever strikes,
stood a lone eatery with
this front door notice: 
“For Diners Fully Armed
and Dangerously Hungry,
No Reservations Required.”


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