No Doubt About It

As soon as the train stopped,  he stepped from the club car and,  looking himself dead ahead,  declared, “I shall not – repeat – shall not –  be responsible for the likes of me.”


Psst:  Anything that left a trail
didn’t go anywhere.


No doubt about it –
Facts can sure talk loud.
(Thank goodness
a Revolutionist knows
where the volume control is.)


Although it is not widely known, and thus few ever attempt to seek them out, there are several words that are so powerful that even within the dictionary it is not necessary that they be spelled correctly, or put in alphabetical order.


Fractious Fairy Tale:  King Longitude had his own personal Minister of Intelligence, so his neighbor, Royal Latitude, in his desire to progress, appointed to himself not one, but ‘PUREE wise men; but alas-o, it turned out that all three were cousins of Longitude’s minister.


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