Mustang Lips

By the east entrance of the College Admissions Office, I overheard a young man say, “Language is a two way street,” and his undergraduate partner piped in, “Yeah, and when I grow up I’m gonna have some ’61 Mustang lips with a five speed tongue.”


Poets who spend their ink comparing the sexes, are children still bewildered that acts find voice through the facts of man.


The speaker currently controlling the soap box in the park just remarked how “calamities bring out the best in people,” and a chap standing next to me muttered, “Well, I don’t know about that, but one thing’s for sure, calamities bring out people.”


The more certain you are
in what you say,
the fewer adjectives
you need. (Oh yeah,
and no adverbs.)


A god with a “bad attitude”
will never want for work.


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