Saturday Travels

A visitor to your world, with whom I am slightly acquainted, after a recent stay had this to say, “Life seems to have arranged the catering of knowledge here such that, no matter what be the repast a man serves you, he’d still drive you bonkers babbling on about the serving dish.”


Over on a humid star, this note was left in everyone’s box: “If people didn’t pretend to be as smart as they are, they couldn’t bear to be as dumb as they are.”


If you’re going to be
traveling alone,
don’t tell anybody…
that’s part of the trick.


The vice-mayor of the City just announced that for all routine, in-town purposes, ill-founded fears of breaking down are just as good as well-founded ones.


While strolling by the viaduct, I heard a tallish chap say to a small group of listeners, “Living the life of an earthly mortal, is like a glorious and exhilarating war – without the glory or the exhilaration.”


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