The Vagabond Variation

After the pigeons had finished off the last of the beer nuts, the fellow sitting next to me on the bench neatly folded the empty bag and told me of his personal neural procedure which he called the, “Vagabond Variation,” whereby whenever he’d have a really good thought, he’d leave town.


One day this one fellow
was suddenly driven to explain
his state religion thusly:

“If we don’t live by our local beliefs
we’ll taste gamey when the gods
go to eat us.”


Several attempts
have recently been made.


Whenever this one man was confronted with information he didn’t know, didn’t like, or didn’t understand, he would always say, “That’s easy enough to check.”


Last Friday, over in the City,
I met a guy who claims to have
an official Guy Permit…
(who’s to say?)


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