Fair Weather Wednesday

One City optimist, with some sort of rash, told his gardener, “No man cheats but what god, himself, didn’t mark the deck.”


Not knowing the purpose of life won’t keep you from holding a meaningful and important job therein.  (It is just such fairness that has kept the Life Company free of union organizers.)


Phone, Fax, or File under,
“Apparent But True”:
Revelations and scandal
are shocking only if
they’re shocking to you.


Everyone’s – yes that’s right – everyone’s third middle name is the same, and – No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, and – Sure – Yeah, most people won’t get it, but – So – Yeah – so what…(see?)


The drama coach told the class, “You will always sound more ‘sincere’ if you will pause right before the punch-line – the climax – of what you have to say.”  And a maintenance man in the hallway outside mused, “Hey, that’s what my uncle used to do with his thinking.”


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