Party! (Not)

Near the City financial district, a street corner philosopher proclaimed to the passers-by, “If out dated ideas rotted and smelled as does over ripe meat, we’d ALL be holding our noses.”  And a sauntering citizen muttered, “I thought we were.”


This one world seriously reduced their socializing and party-throwing inasmuch as they were frequently deceased.


“Two pieces,” said this one man, “And that with an ‘i-e’, added he, (having finished the fifth grade), “Two pieces of sound, son-oriented advice is what I have to offer:

First:  Never buy a real expensive car
from a guy too quick with the wise cracks.
And Second:  Never buy a real expensive car.


“Say, let me out of here.”

“I’ve got a better one for you:
Say, who let you in here
in the first place?”


Near the canned vegetable section, a fellow stopped me with a certain visible amount of concern on his lapel, and asked if it were not just “slightly possible” that the first nut to work loose might just do so as a ploy.


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