Mid-Week Edition

Being civilized in the City sense
is in developing indoor plumbing,
then pondering its potential harm.


Thrusting a serious seeming arm around his shoulder, and turning him so that they both faced the sunset, this one father said to the kid, “A man who ‘talks nice’ is nice.”  The younger fumbled in his pockets for a few furlongs and replied, “That’s no rule or nuthin’, that’s just something you made up.”  “Yep, but don’t it sound nice.”


Just to prove his point, this one guy, when he discovered he was losing his teeth – bought a toupee.


One guy’s last request
was that he be buried
with his brain.


If you know for certain – I mean pretty-well, get-down, gosh-darn-it-all “for certain” – that Saturday’s coming, is it pretentious to go ahead and get excited on Wednesday?



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