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There are two levels at which humans can be mad:
The first level is where you can say why you’re mad,
and the other is the serious sucker.


If you COULD disassemble
YOUR defective world-of-man
and put it back together “properly”
it would be sillier than ever.


One ole guy so laboriously drilled into his kid the need to put “everything in its place,” that the nipper decided that when he got grown he was either not going to have any things, or else no places.  (I guess it’s a good thing the ole men don’t know what’s going on in the heads of the kids or else they’d never become ole men.)


A fellow says he hears everybody in the City talking about playing “mind games” on each other…he says that leaves him out.  (Uh uh! – if you wanna know – YOU ask him!)


One ruler would only allow himself photographed in the royal nude; he forbade any attempted public or private analysis of this, and so far the people seemed well served.



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