Can’t Take A Joke?

On this one planet, it will often suddenly get real dark, then without warning immediately brighten back up, then get deluged with rain, then everybody will be inexplicably happy, then deeply depressed, then abruptly the skies will clear, then many people will get large pimples, then it will get real, real hot, and lots of people will lose large sums in the stock market, and lots and lots of other unscheduled, and unpredicted things would happen; the inhabitants of this world fondly named it, “What The Fuck’s Goin’ On Here?”


Just as a little joke, this one guy, in seriously mock astonishment, one day suddenly turned to his mind and said, “Are YOU still here?”


In the neighborhood over by the City brewery, a plastic surgeon, obviously with his finger and financial insight on the pulse of his potential patients, celebrated the opening of his new office with a large sign announcing – “Special Introductory Prices On Bladder Enlargements.”


Over on this one world, (which some say “smells funny”), the man who coined the term, “futile hope” was sentenced to ten years of wearing a suit and tie to bed every night.


One lad just sat around dreaming of success so much that the Fame Fairy, in the normal course of her duties, finally fulfilled all of his glorious dreams, down to the smallest detail.  (What’s the problem?  You Can’t take a joke?)


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