Noisy Monday

This one fellow stopped another on the street and demanded, “If ‘S’ is such an important letter, then why do so many words start with it?”


Many people thought
they heard something
when all it was…
was a noise.


Every morning
this one guy
would remind himself.


On one of your collateral worlds, they have a proverb that says, “A man with advice and criticism is like a mysterious stranger riding into an oasis with saddle bags brimming with sand and thirst.”


One kingly ole father, (well, he had on a kindly-old-father mask), told his kid, “Don’t feel so bad, why they’re folks that just wish they HAD a gift horse to look in the mouth.”   And to this day neither the lad, nor his Trojan buddies, are really certain if that’s what the ole man meant, or what.


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