Dress Up Saturday

Kings, and uncommon intellects,
don’t sweat…(leastwise where it shows.)


Bargain (or at least, cheapest) Counsel Of The Day:

If you hear some idea you don’t like just say, “I don’t believe it,” ‘cause most people wouldn’t know the difference between “like” and “believe” if the difference actually existed, and it crept up and peed on their tires.  (That’ll be twenty dollars please, or a nickel, or whatever you have.)


Trying to make “heads or tails” of something holds potential profit only in a casino where odd-man-out is played to the flip of an unbiased nickel.  (Dealer’s Addendum:  If you ever FIND a City with such an establishment you tell ‘em to “Comp you,” yes sir-ree, comp you when you walk through the door.)


There, yeah, over there in the City, was a man who faithfully kept a daily diary, but its reports proved to be just as unreliable as was the guy himself.


The less certain
the outcome of your activity
the more you have to dress up.



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