Message from Digital Land

A person from digital land, (who does not wish to give his name or sleeve length), writes to say that he is a respected member of the academic community, but must cease reading the Daily News, because, he says, on some nights after reading, he believes he hears the Laws of Physics speaking to him, wanting to borrow his car.


Uniformity without diligence
is like a hole without a button,
that is, they’re both the same
to a Revolutionist without a coat.


In the early stages
there’s little reason to resist –
Life’s gonna make everybody confess
at least once.


Over at one of the large City hotels, I happened to pass through a crowd in the bar from the Combined Economists & Meteorologists Convention, and overheard the following comment, (one guy asks another), “If a prediction comes true – do you own it?”


If you want to be thoughtful
but don’t know how to think
you’ve got little choice but to
end up believing in something.


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