Just Foolin’ Around

Out near one of the rebel camps
was a guy whose attitude was such
that it was hard to tell if he had one.


“Hey kid, ease up,
people with wrong ideas
are just foolin’ around.”


As further proof of the complexity of spatial proximities, (if not neural jam-ups), this one fellow, instead of getting a patent on his post-hole-diggers, went after one on feet.


(My historical quote for the day):

“Your Grace, may I remind this court of the honored axiom that says, ‘Equity follows the law,’ that is, fairness must comply with the principles of legal uniformity except where injustice and fraud would be the better approaches.”  (Yes, as you and several of my nephews suspect, they’re not making history like they used to.)


One guy would call himself,
“his self” just because of the
inner rancor it would cause.


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