After Business Hours

Over a period of time, this one guy developed a standard response to all inquiries directed toward him, he’d say, “Boy, you got me.”  (He became so adroit at this that he began to say it to people even before they spoke to him.)


After each successful campaign, this one army would use as their March de Triomphe the Battle Hymn of their defeated foe.


After business hours
even an ordinary man’s mind
can do the polka.


One fine day, one king brought out the bands, marched out the guards, and had the planes to fly high and low overhead, then took to the royal balcony and declared, “Ah my friends, the good new is that I am STILL ALIVE!”  (The people later broke off into small working groups to try and come up with some fresh forms of sarcasm.)


A long period of time
without precise limits
is indeed a longgggg
period of time.


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