Daily Diary

A City chap with a car phone says, that in spite of his continued best efforts, he still can’t “come to his senses”; he does add that accidentally he almost did so with his uncle’s.


I must tell you that in some quarters the following information is scarcely believed, and in others it is the subject of much laughter: 
On one little planet
all creatures were forced
to keep a daily diary. 
(Some of you may have even heard of it – its name begins with the letter “E.”)


Amidst all the jostling and palaver at the bar, one ole guy, in remnants of an ole guy’s ole-guy-army-uniform, partook of his pilsner and declared to his fellow philosophers, “Ahhh, but a man who has never confronted death has never experienced life.”  The barkeep mused, “Hmmm, on that basis, it means that without me knowing it I’ve been a life-long witness to extreme intelligence.”  (In case you’re worried – he DID muse this just to himself.)




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