The First Word

It was not by its sound or definition that the first word was magic, but rather that there was magic IN the first word, in that it awakened man’s intellect.


One of the City’s well known scientists confided to me that he has begun to see the future as being an animal.  Some days, he says, he sees it as an elephant, and on other days, it appears as a gazelle…(He said it might be better for him if I didn’t pass this about publicly.)


In one of the better ordinary sections of one City, a father stated, “It’s embarrassing not to know what you’re doing.”  He then allowed the eldest son to lead the whole family in a rousing chorus of looking embarrassed.


A dumb question is one order of dumbness, but one who will nonetheless try to answer a dumb question represents a new level of dumbness.


Regarding the mysterious aspects of power and authority, the Prime Minister of one principality, in comparing those states who electtheir leaders to those dependent on divinely inspired-blood lines, said the following, “In the one instance it is, ‘One man, one vote,’ while in the other it is,
‘One king, one charisma.’”


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