Along the Coastline

Under long and costly siege, this one City slipped out word to a neighboring urbanity, “Need aid – Conditions desperate – Running short of sarcasm and clichés – HELP!”


According to an article in the most recent issue of a well known professional journal, certain statistical evidence is now showing that it is much more difficult than previously believed to house break a Keynesian economist.


A fashion accessory
that would help define
the stylishly civilized
would be a scarf,
a sash of morality
that hangs on facts – not acts.


A particular king, with an inordinate, or at least, singular, faith in the power of civilization would, when one of his neighboring kingdoms began to make warlike threats, send to their common boundary lines a string quartet to play Baroque, or Late Renaissance music… (You might be informed to know this monarch is on his seventh wife, and ninety-third string quartet.)


A little further down the coast line
it was not nearly so foggy,
but neither was it so exhilarating.


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