Saturday Décor

After extracting all the funds possible from his flock, the shaman shouted them out the door with these words, “The seduction of one – is the seduction of us all.”  And one guy turned and muttered, “I don’t get it,” and his neighbor explained, “We get laid, be we don’t get paid.”


There was this obscure tribe of “thought cannibals,” who somehow got the process mixed up, and would eat their victims and THEN cook them.


When you’re the first on in the room
YOU can choose the décor.


Then there was this guy
who for several years
had “serious talks” with himself –
until he discovered
he wasn’t listening.


Every time he’d return to his local City for a visit, (either externally or otherwise), this one warrior would first-off look around real quick, then shout real loud, “Well, I see the Sissy Brigade is out in full force!”


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