Watch Your Step

Every state’s first responsibility is to prepare for war, that is – plan for progress.
(As one principality’s martial philosopher mused, “I am shot, therefore I am…and GROWING.”)


Once upon a time, over in a certain place, there was a man who encouraged others just so’s HE wouldn’t have to think about it.  (P-the-ole-S:  “Once,” is still now, and “place,” is still here, and such men can become quite famous and respected.  All of you de-planing at this level,
“Watch your funkin’ step, please.”)


The really big – good blowouts will usually
hold off ‘til you’re doing at least a hundred.


When that rare time comes,
a man with the right
mouth full of words
won’t need exact change.


There’s a guy who keeps track
of how often you laugh; there’s
another guy who previously
kept your Morality Account,
but I killed him.


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