Monday Media

Stretching himself luxuriously on his bed of infirmity, the man thankfully sighed, “Ahhh, ‘tis SO good to be sick again.”


Oh yeah, you media freaks might be interested to know that the Dickhead Gazette doesn’t make home deliveries – it doesn’t HAVE to.


It’s difficult to insult the imaginary,
A REAL troll takes nothing personally.


Another reader writes, (but notes that they would really like to be known as more than just a generic “reader” so…):  Another distinguished (how’s that), reader writes, “Dear Sir:  After reading the Daily News for some time now it would seem to me that the following might be correct:  As a child our interests are all Primary matters, then when we become adults our minds turn to affairs of a Secondary nature, but then we reach the older years our needs seem to return to Primary concerns.  I not only find this interesting, but also extremely frightening, or else encouraging – I don’t know which – can you help? (Well, Dear Distinguished (see I didn’t forget) Reader:  First let me ask – how old are you?…)


No problem
starts out under
its own name.



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