A man who can be offended
by Primary affairs
has a sure future
in Secondary ones.


After particularly stimulating and satisfying thought, this one guy would light up a smoke and ask his brain, “Was it good for you?”


If you really – Hey I mean like “really”, you know, “really” in caps, in quotation marks, underlines – “REALLY” so:  If you “REALLY” kept track of what happens to you, you wouldn’t be all that impressed OR surprised – REALLY!


One chap adopted as his family motto, “Short And Sweet,” and when he died his son decided not only to continue the tradition, but to revise it as well and changed it to say, “Short.”  (Papa giggled in his grave.)


The ruler of one network told his closest advisors, “There’s a difference between being my friend and being my enemy, but NOT enough to keep you from being either.”


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