Beware the Fiends of Reason

One day one kid said, “I think it’s time I leave.”  The ole man replied, “I was just about to make you leave.”  And for some time the youngster wondered which of the two was true.


The figure took a central position and said, “It’s time you can face it:  Anything you know that is in the least-of vested interest, is self-serving or in any way self-referring, is not data of any extraordinary use, now who all understand that?”  And fifteen billion hands were raised…(while everyone was looking around and muttering amongst themselves, one guy said to another, “Might as well just keep our hands up in case he’s gonna ask, “Who all is victim OF this?”)


“After listening to you,” writes one viewer, “it would seem to me that there’s more to think about than there are people to think about it.”  (“No reply necessary,” he cautiously adds.)


One ole guy used to try and frighten his little kid to sleep every night by tucking the covers in up under his little chin, touching his little nose and saying, “Beware the fiends of reason.”


Any sequence that goes in order is meaningless.  (Is it yet again time to remind you City dwellers that Revolutionist principles are themselves meaningless to City structures and reason.)


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