Ideas must Eat

Obviously taking a lesson from the previous recent unpleasantness, when it came his time to perform at the King’s Cultural Fest, this fellow came center stage and said, “And now I – yours most truly – would like to, in a manner most decidedly UN-metaphorical, speak to you directly, and in some detail on the matter of sex.”  His Grace leaned over to a guard and said, “Shoot him too.”


I received a post card from a gent
who confides that he has been experiencing
sudden bouts of wanting to be
“completely honest,” though he admits,
he has no idea what it means, or how to do it.


It is to your own subversive benefit
to remember that ideas, too, must eat.


When one guy discovered
that he could “do otherwise,”
he was so stunned…
or disheartened…
or enthused…
that he mostly forgot to do it.



On a “pushing-at-the-red-end” planet, they are so up-front in their recognition of underground, primary streams still nourishing the anxious trees of civilized life, that they have but one highway law and sign, which simply says – “Yield To Superior Force.”


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