A Man Without Mirrors

A man without mirrors
needs no reflection.


Another well-scrubbed viewer writes to say that he believes it’s true, (in a parenthetical aside he admits he just thinks it SHOULD be true, but wants us to let it go at that), that he believes it’s true that the world is divided into two groups:  “Those who’ve never heard of the Daily News and those who don’t want to.”  (Now I must say, at least on paper – he shows some promise.)


If the world wasn’t polarized
it wouldn’t be funny.


The man said, “None can be safe until all are safe; none can be full until all are full; none can be happy until all are happy…”  He went on in this manner for another fifty-seven years, repeating himself only twice, only twice, only twice, only twice…


Conversational Mambo Fragment Number Nine: 
“On this one world, I heard about people
who have to forget something to remember
something new.” 
“Say, where is this world?” 
“Hey, don’t ask ME!”


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