Tuesday Terrors

One fellow encouraged others
to believe in conspiracy theories
due to his frustration
that he didn’t.


I don’t mean to alarm any unrepentant sissies in the crowd, but there’s a guy whose main hobby is thinking synonyms for words that don’t exist.  (There, there, calm down now; on a dark night it’s hard to tell whether it’s the ponies, or the corral that’s making all the ruckus.)


A certain man who’d spent a long life of thought, writing and much enjoyable talk and discussion, laid upon what he called his “Phoenix-Bed Of Death & Revision,” and made the following declaration to himself, “Aside from the fact that this is impossible insofar as regard the ordinary needs of Life – ‘Men talk too much.’”


To work problems into
a manageable scheme of things
force ‘em to match up with
solutions you already have.


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