Please make note on your religious, political and philosophical calendars, that after the first of next month, only those will be allowed to convert who are already verted.


A fellow standing over by a pole
told me that in the tussle between
his “Wonderful-ness” and his “Humble-ness” –
he didn’t get involved.


A fellow has contacted me to say, “Stuff those philosophical sojourns – screw those metaphysical explorations!”  He says he’s focused, “Man’s Eternal Itch” into one single challenge – the question of whether “Sleep or himself has the upper-hand.”  (Another chap, who asks to be identified as, “Apparently someone’s ‘wise old grandfather,’ wants to add this to the verbal proceedings.”  Says he, “Some, believing they’re lost, actually trod a propitious path.”  And a women identifying herself as his “intellectual guardian” says that we should “Carefully weigh all that he might say from a subtle, metaphoric view, then quickly conclude that he’s ‘full-of-it.’”)


Men without something to look forward to
won’t look around much.



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