First and Second Laws

First, Law-Of-The-Day:
There is a guy
who waits until nine o’clock
to do nine o’clock business.

Second Law:
Everyone has a future
of some kind…
some where.


One guy’s most promising cry was,
“Ahhh, here we are,
sinking to new heights!”


People with funny ideas shouldn’t point fingers…
(unless they have equally humorous digits.)


The weaker the ideas,
the more people you need;
The stronger the ideas,
the fewer people you attract.


A chap I passed over by the Poetry Department’s running track, said with no due modesty,
“I – and I mean ‘I’ in its most singular sense, I demand as much of my cells as I do of myself.”


The speaker concluded his lengthy, provocative and forceful remarks with the comment, “Anyone still trying to live by words spoken four thousand years ago squanders their life.”  An interested listener pondered this and asked, “What about four days ago?”  The speaker replied, “Same thing.”


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