The Dreaded Politics

One fellow’s standards
were so high
that even HE was
damn near impressed.


One up-and-coming politico said,
regarding his neural neighborhood,
“The best thing abut one’s constituents
is in not having to see about their needs.”


After detailing the day’s latest wars, crimes and set-backs, the City commentator concluded with this note, “These are NOT exemplary times.”  One excited viewer thought, “WOW!, I can’t WAIT to see where he’ll point to as comparison.”


At a recent literary reception at the electrician’s union hall, a fellow told me that he had named his “memory facilities.”  He calls it, “The Grandeur of Doom and The Reckoning of The Mighty Deceased.”


Shortly after sundown
one ole man told the kid,
“Say, being able to
‘remember’ stuff’s
only the half of it.”


On the second day of the kingdom’s first annual, “Cultural & Intellectual Festival,” one man stood and commenced his part of the program with these words, “If I may now speak to you metaphorically about sex…”  And the king whispered to an aid, “Have that man shot.”


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