Neural Hall Holiday Banquet

A fellow in some profession or the other, writes to say that if I have no proprietary objection, he is going to start advising all his patients and clients to “think in Daily News.”


Revised toast for frequenters of
Neural Hall Holiday Banquets:

Drink to me only
with thine familiarity.


A bunch of guys were hanging out around the Department of Motor Vehicles, and I heard one of them say, “Boy am I tired of being stared at.”  And one of his buddies said, “But you’re never stared at.”  “Yeah,” he replied, “And I’m tired of that too.”


(Quote): “A mind that keeps banker’s hours will soon be rolling in dough.”  This is not actually a Daily News item, but a suggestion for one that I received in the mail; I offer it up here just as an example so as to help you always recognize the “real thing” from the fraudulent.  (The only problem with this effort is in the fact that I make up most of my mail also.)


Only that with no ordinarily apparent purpose
might have any purpose worthy of
a Revolutionist’s attention.



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