2-Eyed View in a 3-D World

“Just think,” gleed a guy at the next table, “If everyone else took our despondency as seriously as WE did, we’d ALL be fuckin’ poets.”


By then he found
that the moral of the tale
had become “quite obvious.”


One fine fellow with an apparent affinity for popular musical culture, was once heard to hum, “Humm, I’m so vain,
I bet I think these thoughts
are about me…”


Once upon a sentence, far, far, real far away… (It wasn’t actually all THAT far, but I know how much some of you just “love” that idea)… there was a planet whereon the men originally invented the concepts of religion and morality just as a joke, but then the day came when humor began to frighten them and then…well, I’m sure you can piece it together from there.  (Oh, yeah, there was also this other universe wherein they say its deity went through a similar process, but regarding his creation of the creatures’ intellects, rather than morality and religion.)


Irony is a two eyed view
of a three-D world.


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