Weekend Update

Then there was this other man who all the time would say, “It’s according to how you look at it, it’s all according to how you look at it.”  And all his other blind friends thought this was a riot – especially when he would say it around the deaf.


Late last week several subscribers
got pen and paper, got together
and attempted to stage a “gang write”…
(they were easily dispersed.)


One sports oriented park philosopher cried out to the crowd, “At least one thing about being quarterback is that you can’t be ‘off sides.’”  Just then a beheaded monarch passing by retorted,
“I say ole man – tell ME about it.”


One Man’s Observation: 
“Some people who’re dumb won’t admit it.”
(That’s okay, I already thanked him for both of us.)


After sitting quietly in the sun for some time on a park bench, the chap next to me finally spoke after a lengthy parade of passers-by had just passed by, “You ever notice, as people get older, they begin to look more and more like themselves.”


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